Bert Clay


Anacortes Properties


As a John L. Scott broker, my mission is transactional excellence and client satisfaction. That means I work tirelessly to make your home buying or selling process as efficient, stress-free and lucrative for you as possible.

Meet Bert

Bert Clay has been in real estate for the last six years. He spent 15 years as a VP of sales and marketing for a large company in the transportation industry before transitioning into real estate. He was inspired to work at John L. Scott after he worked with a JLS broker during his first home purchase in Washington. He was impressed with how well he and his wife were represented and wanted to try his hand at working as a broker for John L. Scott.

Bert is based out of the Anacortes John L. Scott office and specializes in clients who are relocating to the area, including Anacortes, Mount Vernon, Burlington, and the rest of Skagit County. Not only does he bring professionalism and analytical skills to each transaction, he also knows the community really well. Bert is extremely active with the local Kiwanis chapter. He also serves on the Guemes Channel Trail Committee and a local scholarship committee.

In his free time, Bert enjoys doing community service around the Anacortes area, sailing and kayaking.


At John L. Scott, we understand that selling your home is a life event that requires the ultimate care and expertise. It requires a detailed strategy that is customized to your home, area, and market conditions. For us, just getting your home sold is not enough. Our goal is to get you superior results and convert our clients into raving fans. With over 87 years of innovation and success, we've seen more real estate markets than almost anyone else. What this means for you is that we understand current pricing trends, negotiations, and marketing to get your home sold for the best price possible in the least amount of time. We don't just advertise—we market your home. In today's day and age, the power of digital marketing is more important than ever before. Everything is mobile and everything is instant, so all of our technologies are created to embrace both. Our marketing reaches virtually one hundred percent of the buyers and engages them in the home search experience. John L. Scott has an exclusive federally trademarked program that is called Seller Listing Launch. It's all about creating a unique buzz around your home and tapping into the backlog of buyers while attracting new ones. There's a distinct John L. Scott advantage that truly sets us apart from our competition. Our personal representation produces exceptional results for our clients. Transactional excellence is what we do, but our higher purpose is living life as a contribution—at home, at work, and in the community. We look forward to showing you more in person.


"Bert is an excellent agent! He is professional, knowledgeable and a fair negotiator. We trust his judgement!"

- William and Joy M.

"I've used several real estate agents and Bert is the only agent I've bothered to review, and for good reason. HE IS EXCELLENT compared to the others.

He always answers his phone and is available whenever you need him, even for odd requests like driving an hour to let you measure room dimensions on a house already in the purchase process. He knows his landscape and he does his research so he has answers before you ask the questions. And if he doesn't know on the spot, you can be sure he'll get your answer the same day!

I've spent 20 years in the country, and another 20 years in the inner city. Moving back to the country was daunting, but Bert knows his area and makes such a drastic change feel comfortable and easy.

He has neat real estate negotiation tricks my other agents didn't know - which proved successful in my obtainment in this last property. Thank you, Bert!

Bert is friendly and personable - someone you'd like to be friends with. I've even met his wife! And he works his butt off regardless of the sales price/commission. His goal is to make you happy. And with me, he succeeded 100%. He's helped me into my dream home and I couldn't be happier"
- Morelli, Seattle WA

“The process of buying our first home was more complicated than my husband and I anticipated. In fact, it may have been a more difficult process than Bert expected as well! However, we cannot stress enough how professional, kind, honest and fair Bert Clay was in the process. I wish it was a bigger purchase so he was compensated more!

Throughout the negotiations, Bert answered every one of our questions, listened to our frustrations, and communicated in a very timely manner. Unfortunately, most buyers in the housing process don’t trust real estate agents. But, we trusted Bert in this process because of his qualities listed. I hope his professionalism and kind spirit are appreciated and inspiring to other John L. Scott agents! We know we couldn’t be more than thankful!

Thank you, Bert, for putting up with us and being a part of our first home. We are so grateful for your hard work!”
- Boatright, Anacortes, WA

"Bert Clay assisted me in selling my home and also in buying my new one. His assessment of the value of my home was very grounded. He suggested three possible selling prices and explained in detail what each price was based on. My home sold immediately. And since he had a broad base of possible buyers, others were in line to buy. He also helped me find a new home that fits me perfectly! He negotiated down from the seller's asking price by presenting solid reasoning.

My adult children plan to call Bert when they buy their new home. We all enthusiastically endorse Bert!"
- Bragg, Anacortes, WA

"Bert is a great agent. Bert helped us with our fourth real estate transaction. Prior to working with Bert, we had worked with a great agent, an average agent, and a bad agent so we have a good basis for comparison.

In what was a thin market, Bert started out by showing us various houses that he knew weren’t right for us but which helped him understand what features we liked and didn’t like. This approach shortened the time it took for him to understand our house must-have, would-be-nice, and gee-we-thought-that-was-important-but-we-aren’t-going-to-pay-for-it features. A lesser agent would have “saved time” by waiting for the occasional house that matched our desired features and taken longer to move up the learning curve about what truly was the right match of house and price for us.

Also, with Bert, we never worried that we might miss out on a house – he was talking to other agents about our needs, driving around town, sending out mailings, and checking the MLS every morning before we even get up! Bert checked out nearly every house we visited before he took us there – efficient for him, no, efficient for us, yes. I can’t imagine a more responsive agent.

We have reveled in what is the perfect house - for us. No buyer’s remorse, no second thoughts. A lot of credit for that is shared with our agent.

While it was the “big things” that were most important to our satisfaction with Bert – finding the right house, getting the right price, having the paperwork handled with care -- we also appreciated his attention to small, discretionary matters such as giving the house one final sweeping before he handed us the keys and we walked into our home for the first time. Combined with his integrity, great negotiating skills, and constant commitment to his clients, make Bert a top agent. Get him to be your agent while you can!

One last thing, Bert is a genuine nice guy – you’re probably going to spend a lot of time with your agent so this is important, too.

We recommend Bert without hesitation."
- Jordan, Clark, Anacortes, WA